Apply For Public Housing

THA and HUD Eligibility Requirements


Below are the public housing eligibility requirements as defined by the Trenton Housing Authority (THA) and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development:

1. An applicant must be 18 years of age or older to be designated the head of the household and qualify for public housing assistance.  THA defines heads of household as an adult member of the family that has agreed to be wholly or partly responsible for paying the rent and has the legal capacity to enter into a Lease under state and local law.  Emancipated minors that have court orders and qualify under state law can also be recognized as heads of household and are eligible to apply for housing.

2. At least one member of the household must be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen.

3.The applicant must have an annual income that does not exceed the low-income limits established by HUD.  These income limits are posted in all THA offices and below:





Applicant must be age 50 or older (or) permanently disabled to apply

To apply, visit us on the Web at

Computers are available in THA's Community Center Lobby for your convenience




APPLY FOR RUSH CROSSING APARTMENTS AND TOWNHOMES go to the link below. Once at the website, go the bottom right corner of the page, see 'APARTMENT SEARCH'. Fill out and mail to: Rush Crossing, 100 Rider Avenue, Trenton, NJ 08609.



Public Housing and Section 8 Income Limits for 2017
# of Persons Low Income Very Low Income Extremely Low Income


































The income limits for families with more than eight persons are determined by adding to the eight-person income eight percent of the four-person base. (Example: The nine-person limit equals 140 percent 132 of the relevant four-person income limit).  All income limits are rounded to the nearest $50 to reduce administrative burden.

4. The applicant must provide a Social Security number for all family members that will be living in the housing—or they must provide written certification that they do have Social Security numbers.

5. The applicant must meet or exceed THA's 'Selection and Suitability Criteria' including attendance and successful completion of the THA's pre-occupancy class.

6. Applicants with any outstanding debts to the THA (or any other public housing authority) from previous tenancy in a public housing program must be paid in FULL prior to admission. Applicants must pay any previous debts before they are eligible to apply for new housing—No Payment Agreement Will Be Accepted.

7. Computers are available to fill out on-line applications at THA's Administration building located at 875 New Willow Street, Trenton, NJ.

How to apply to THA for Public Housing


Applications for Housing can be found on-line at


All applications for THA public housing must be filled out by the designated head of household.  Persons with disabilities may call the THA office at 609-278-5017 or 609-278-5019 to receive an application through the mail. 


To begin the application process, you must have your social security card, names and dates of birth of all family members.  You should also have a pen and pad to write down your application confirmation number.

THA staff is available to provide assistance to any applicant that has difficulty completing the application.   Literacy, language, vision or any other related problems should not be barriers to anyone completing an application.  We strive to be as helpful as we can to all applicants going through the process.

The application process involves two phases: 1) the pre-application process; and 2) the full application phase, including:


1) The pre-application phase: The pre-application phase is the first step in the process to determine the applicant's eligibility for and placement on the waiting list for THA public housing.  The pre-application contains general questions to obtain background information on the applicant. Once the pre-application is submitted to and accepted by the THA, it will be dated and time-stamped to determine placement on the waiting list.    

2) The full-application phase: The full-application phase takes place once the pre-eligible applicant reaches the top of the waiting list for THA public housing.  At this time, applicants are asked to provide more thorough information to ensure that they meet all HUD and THA eligibility factors.  All adult family members that will be living in the housing must also complete a personal declaration form and release of information form to be provided by THA.  In addition, they must participate in a full application interview with a THA staff member to review, finalize, and sign the application.   Once this verification process is complete, the THA will make a final determination on eligibility and housing will be assigned to those that are accepted. 

How to review and update your application:


     Step 1


  • Go to applicant portal at
  • Click on "Create an Account"
  • Choose your own personal "User Name" for example (mary)
  • Choose your personal password (password must be 8 or more characters using:  upper and lower case letters, numbers, and a character) for example (Maryday*1)
    IMPORTANT NOTE!  Write down your "User Name & Password" for future use
  • Enter an e-mail address
  • Enter your Social Security number
  • Click "Create Account"
  • Close "Message Box"


     Step 2


  • Log in using your user name
  • Type in your password
  • Log in
  • Choose from selections on left side and proceed.



Please feel free to contact us with specific questions or for more information about any step in the application process.


Policy guidelines for THA residents

To see a complete copy of the Trenton Housing Authority Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy (ACOP) go to this link: ACOP Information. The purpose of the Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy (ACOP) is to establish guidelines for the THA staff to follow in determining eligibility for admission and continued occupancy. These guidelines are governed by the requirements of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) with latitude for local policies and procedures. These policies and procedures for admissions and continued occupancy are binding upon applicants, residents, and the THA.




For more information on THA public housing application process or to check the status of your application and place on the waiting list, please contact:


  • Sharon Alston - 609-278-5019
  • Romano Lake - 609-278-5017
  • Audrey Walker - 609-278-5007