THA Properties

THA Properties

The Trenton Housing Authority is comprised of nine housing developments.  These developments have more than 1,900 residences that provide affordable homes to approximately 3,200 people. 

For additional information on any of these developments, please call the Admissions and Occupancy Office:

  • Audrey Walker - 609-278-5007
  • Sharon Alston - 609-278-5019
  • Narlene Green - 609-278-5017



Trenton Housing Authority Developments include:

Rush Crossing
J. Conner French Towers (Senior)
James J. Abbott Apartments (Senior)
Louis Josephson Apartments (Senior Housing)
Frazier Courts
Samuel Haverstick Homes
George W. Page Homes
Woodrow Wilson Homes
Mayor Donnelly Homes
Lincoln Homes
Prospect Village