Summer Camp

The summer camp is for children who live in THA-owned properties as well as and other children who live in the City of Trenton.  For 2015, the summer camp will run from July 6 to August 14, 2015.  THA provides various activities for Trenton children to enjoy such as swimming, skating, golf, soccer, table tennis, volley ball, kickball, basketball, Boys and Girls Scouts, and a weekly trip.  Breakfast and lunch is served everyday through the Trenton Board of Eduction Nutrition Department.
“This year, we will make it a main focus of our summer camp to promote children education, etiquette, table manners, respect, self-esteem and confidence,” said Mel Weldon, THA Resident Services Manager. “The summer camp program is more than just a summer getaway for Trenton children, but a life changing experience where we can help children with their academics, in both school and their lives.”
For more information on the THA Summer Camp, please see the links below or contact Tywana L. Smith at 609-278-5028 or