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Community Supportive Services



Our current Community Supportive Services plan is directed towards four thematic foci: year-round recreation services; public health education and awareness; community and resident/former resident donors network organizing; and workforce development. As we work in tandem with other Trenton organizations and concerned citizens, much of the programming directed out of our office remains consistent with historic avenues for addressing the needs of our residents, and in accordance with our formerly adopted Hope VI CSS plans.


Our Focus

The core of new and future engagement of Community Supportive Services addresses microbusiness development and vocational training, demonstrated and expressed City of Trenton needs. Echoing aims consistent with national funding priorities, distributed locally in projects such as Youth Corps and YouthBuild, our model expands upon those missions by focusing greater attention to community business revitalization, as opposed to direct servicing of individuals. This model is geared towards attracting new federal and private funding streams, and therefore, critical to its design is an engagement of multiple partners. This is true, particularly, for federal funding, which prioritizes engagement of Section 3 and minority-owned businesses, a continued focus of our CSS program.




In the past three months, we have provided in-kind development services to three Trenton businesses, having completed partnership proposals with Cityworks, LLC, Holly Nance Property Solutions and Todd Geter Architects, for ArtPlace and National Endowment of the Arts. We have partnered with Isles Youth Corps and THA Repent students (18-35 year old black male entrepreneurship program) in a community revitalization project which is readying (cleanup and light construction) a THA property at 220 Southard Street, for use as a labor center. This construction training project will be finalized with full participation of the Mercer County Community College Youth Corps interns.


Public Health

THA has also broadened the scope of its public health projects to further its success with the National Institute of Health funded, With Every Heartbeat is Life (WEHL) program to accommodate new media initiatives that promote greater accessibility of health data across public housing residents and their surrounding communities. Partnering with Penn State University's Communication Arts and Sciences school and Rutgers University's School of Communication and Information, and under the direction of our Trenton Housing Authority Commissioner, Jennifer Warren, Ph.D., CTTS our new initiatives will map Trenton Housing Authority data alongside comparative regional public housing authorities, with a focused attention on health related media and social networking. We have also empowered three teenage residents of THA with year-long, unlimited Apple One-to-One memberships and additional in-house training for the creation of infographics, photography and film projects that will help develop the public platform.


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